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WSU Undergraduate Education Office of Undergraduate Research

Three WSU students land awards at national science research conference for minorities

MEDIA: Mary Sanchez Lanier, Assistant Vice Provost, WSU Undergraduate Education, 509-335-8239,

PULLMAN, Wash.—Washington State University seniors Raven Conyers and Luis Cortez and sophomore Keesha Matz received awards for outstanding presentations at the recent Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) in Seattle.

ABRCMS is the largest professional conference for underrepresented minority students, military veterans, and persons with disabilities. It is supported by the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of General Medical Sciences. Nearly 1,900 students were chosen to present research in 14 scientific disciplines, attend workshops, and meet representatives from universities and businesses.

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WSU Office of Undergraduate Research grants 29 awards to students on three campuses

MEDIA: Shelley Pressley, Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research, WSU Undergraduate Education, 509-335-5488,

Emma Epperly, Communications and Marketing Junior Assistant, WSU Undergraduate Education, 509-335-9458,

PULLMAN, Wash.—Twenty- nine Washington State University students at Pullman, Vancouver, and Tri-Cities campuses have received three types of awards from the Office of Undergraduate Research, part of WSU Undergraduate Education.

“These industrious students will work with faculty mentors throughout the 2015-16 academic year on research and creative projects, advancing or creating new knowledge in a specific field,” said Shelley Pressley, undergraduate research director. “On March 28, they will share their results, along with about 150 other students, at the fifth annual Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (SURCA),” said Pressley.

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WSU senior Floricel Gonzalez lands national award at 2014 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS)

MEDIA CONTACT: Mary Sánchez Lanier, WSU Assistant Vice Provost, 509-335-7767,


PULLMAN, Wash.—Undergraduate researcher Floricel Gonzalez, a Washington State University senior from Selah, Wash., won a national award at the 2014 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) in San Antonio, Texas in mid-November.

Her top prize in the microbiology category was for an oral presentation on her research, titled “Identification of Cell Surface Receptors Enabling Bacteriophage 7-7-1 Infection of Agrobacterium sp. H 13-3 via Transposon Mutagenesis.”

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WSU Undergraduate Researchers Awarded 30 Scholarships for 2014-15

CONTACTS: Shelley Pressley, WSU Director of Undergraduate Research, WSU Office of Undergraduate Education, 509-335-1252,

Jared Brickman, Communications Assistant, WSU Office of Undergraduate Education, 509-335-9458,

PULLMAN, Wash. — Thirty Washington State University undergraduates have been awarded scholarships from the Office of Undergraduate Research for projects to be conducted in the 2014-15 academic year. The awards include the Carson, the Auvil, and the DeVlieg Fellowships.

The awards – typically for $1,000 each – help support the research and creative activities of students from a wide variety of disciplines who work with faculty and staff mentors.

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WSU Undergraduate Research Heats Up while Students Cool Down Computers

MEDIA CONTACT: Jared Brickman, Communications Assistant, Office of Undergraduate Education at WSU, 509-335-8070,

SOURCE: Partha P. Pande, Professor, EECS, 509-335-5223,

PULLMAN, Wash. — Behind the quiet whir of our computers and beneath the flashing screens of our cell phones lies hardware soaking up power and giving off heat. That can be a major problem – one to the tune of 100 billion kilowatt hours of energy used each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Ten undergraduates from around the country, including four from Washington State University, are working on projects this summer with WSU faculty and graduate students in Pullman to tackle the issue of power efficiency in computing through a National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU).

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WSU Horticulturist Dhingra Planting the Seeds for Undergraduate Research

MEDIA CONTACT: Jared Brickman, Communications Assistant, Office of Undergraduate Education at WSU, 509-335-8070,

SOURCE: Amit Dhingra, Associate Professor, Department of Horticulture, 509-335-3625,

PULLMAN, Wash. — From savoring the distinctive, flavorful crunch of an apple to eyeing the plump, crimson cherries adorning mouth-watering summer produce displays, people love fruit. But few perhaps know fruit like Washington State University horticulturist Amit Dhingra, who looks beyond the pits and leaves into the genome of these sweet treats.

“A genome is kind of like the map to a city,” says Dhingra, an associate scientist and professor in the Department of Horticulture in the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences at WSU. “If you need to buy a book, you use the map to find a bookstore. If you need to find which gene will protect a plant from a virus or make it more efficient at using nutrients, you use the genome.”

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