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WSU Undergraduate Education Office of Undergraduate Research

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Meet with a Peer Mentor

Our peer mentors, who are currently working on their own research projects, have made themselves available to answer your questions about the research process. They have the experience and training to answer questions such as:

  • “How do I get started with my research?”
  • “Will I get paid to work on research, or am I eligible for a special scholarship?”
  • “How do I find a faculty mentor who will oversee and guide my work and training?”

How to Meet with a Peer Mentor

We use the cloud-based online scheduling software Setmore to enable you to arrange your own meeting with a peer mentor. After selecting how long of a meeting you want and which mentor to meet with, you can view that mentor’s availability and choose a time slot that works best for you. You will need to sign in to confirm and book the final appointment, and you can either create a Setmore account or sign in with Facebook or Google.

Don’t Forget: Appointments are held in the CUE building, room 403.

NOTE: Mentors are not available during Summer BreakWSU breaks, WSU holidays, Dead Weeks or Finals Weeks. Be sure to double check the WSU academic calendar to confirm these dates. You will notice, however, that peer mentors’ availability on Setmore accounts for these breaks.

Schedule an appointment online todayBefore scheduling an appointment, be sure to take a look at our peer mentors who are available to help. Find one who most correlates with your research interests to schedule your appointment with.

Get to Know Our Peer Mentors

  • Mary Boege

    Hometown: Iowa

    Major: Biology

    Previous Major: Psychology

    Interesting Fact: I am a diehard Iowa Hawkeye fan. The happiest day of my life was when I saw Kirk Ferentz, the Iowa head football coach.

    Research Programs: Research Experience for Undergraduates at Washington State University, Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (SURCA) – Crimson Award winner.

  • Nimay Bolar

    Hometown: Mangalore, India

    Major: Material Science

    Interesting Fact: I have lived in 3 countries and can speak 5 languages!

    Research Programs: Manufacturing Processes Machining Lab (MPML) under Dr. Arda Gozen. (1) Worked on a smart breast sensor capable of detecting volumetric changes in the breast so as to monitor milk production and milk consumption in infants. (2) Worked on creating flexible electronics using liquid metal as the conductive component for high power applications. (3) Presented at SURCA 2018.

  • Andrew (Drew) Cannon

    Hometown: Portland, OR

    Major: Physics

    Minor: Mathematics

    Bio: I have been involved in undergraduate research since the summer before my freshman year, when I worked in a nanomaterials lab writing code for optical experiments. In the summer after my sophomore year, I had the opportunity to work in a materials lab at Southeast University in Nanjing, China, where I was part of a team investigating properties of carbon nanostructures. I currently work in a computational physics lab focused on investigating novel material properties from first principals, and have twice presented research at SURCA. Outside of research, I am a fan of chess and love to play guitar, especially jazz.

  • Camille Culbertson

    Hometown: Ephrata, WA

    Major: Neuroscience

    Minor: Biology and Pyschology

    Interesting Fact: I can solve a Rubik’s cube.

    Research Programs: Currently, I am working on my honors thesis, a research project that involves mathematically modeling rabies using a series of ordinary differential equations. Previously, I worked on a study examining insect population in potato crops in the Colombia Basin at the WSU Grant Adams County Extension Office. I presented that research at SURCA. I also have assisted in a study examining fertility in rams. These two experiences lead me to getting a job as an Undergraduate TA for the laboratory portion of Introduction to Cell Biology and Genetics.

  • Kristian Gubsch

    Hometown: Edgewood, WA

    Major: Chemical Engineering

    Minor: Entrepreneurship

    Interesting Fact: I am always riding my bike, love playing any sport, and can whistle song.

    Research Programs: I work in and have completed REUs in the WSU Laboratory for Atmospheric Research and Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering. I am also a 2018 Hollings Scholar and Auvil Fellow.

  • Sewit Kidane

    Hometown: Seattle, WA

    Major: Chemistry and Psychology (Pre-Medicine)

    Interesting Fact: I am Eritrean and very proud of my culture. I also find ancient history to be very fascinating. I read a lot of books concerning ancient civilizations. I also really love science and could not imagine having a career in the future that is not science related. I have always been in love with the mind and how the nervous system affects the body ever since I took biology my freshmen year of college.

    Research Programs: I worked in the past year at Scripps Research Institute and attended the Frontier in Aging Regeneration Course. I have also worked in a research lab for the past few years focused on Neuropsychology and Aging.

  • Kathryn Lober

    Hometown: West Richland, WA

    Major: Bioengineering

    Interesting Fact: I love spending time learning to play the ukulele!

    Research Programs: I completed a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. My project focused on developing a commercial process using an enzyme to breakdown organic food waste. I also work as a Research Assistant in the WSU Biomechanics Laboratory analyzing how the gait and posture of women develops over the course of their pregnancy.

  • Lambert Ngenzi

    Hometown: Kent, WA

    Major: Environmental Science

    Minor: Geospatial Analysis

    Interesting Fact: I can speak 3 languages (French, Lingala, Kinyarwanda), and I cannot spend a week without playing soccer.

    Research Programs: Quantifying the accuracy of landsat in estimating reservoir water surface area. Presented at McNair Scholars National Research Conference at University of Maryland and SURCA at WSU. Doris Duke Conservation Scholar Program (2017-2019).

    Read about how research has helped to shape his WSU undergraduate experience, and broadened his graduate school plans.

  • Nam Nguyen

    Hometown: Kent, WA

    Major: International Business & Marketing

    Minor: Global Studies

    Interesting Fact: I have participated in 11 different study abroad programs and became the first student in WSU’s 127-year history to ever have studied on all seven continents. Read a story on Nam.

    Research Programs: (1) McNair Scholar project in educational psychology to develop a survey to investigate study-abroad destination choices; (2) WSU Honors College thesis project involving analysis of influential factors of undergraduates’ study- abroad destinations; (3) NASPA Undergraduate Fellow project on how Pride Foundation scholarship support impacts recipients in 5 western states in terms of university retention and academic performance. I have presented at several U.S. conferences. I have received: a SURCA Gray Award for an undergraduate research presentation, a Carson Undergraduate Research fellowship award, travel grants, a 2018 NASPA Region V Undergraduate Rising Star Award, and a 2019 Global Student Leadership Award from Diversity Abroad.

  • Lysandra Perez

    Hometown: Moxee, WA

    Major: Psychology and Sociology

    Minors: English

    Interesting Fact: I am a Senior at WSU and recently returned from a summer research program (SROP) at Purdue University! I was also recently awarded the Crimson Award at SURCA 2018.

    Research Programs: I have been involved in the McNair Scholars Program for 4 years now, which prepares students for their PhD, while conducting an original research project under close mentorship. I have presented my research at various conferences across the U.S., including SURCA. I was awarded the Auvil Fellowship research grant in 2016. Lastly, I am an ambassador for the LAUNCH program.

  • Patrick Robichaud

    Hometown: Moscow, ID

    Major: Civil Engineering

    Minor: Spanish and Sustainable Development

    Interesting Fact: I love to travel and be in the outdoors. This past summer I went to Panama with Engineers Without Boarders at WSU.

    Research Programs: Research in Hydro Lab in Civil/Environmental Engineering, poster presented at American Geophysical Union Conference in Fall 2017; Laboratory for Atmospheric Research REU and presented this research at SURCA; Research Skills Short Course.

  • Yoni Rodriguez

    Hometown: Toppenish, WA

    Major: Biochemistry

    Minor: Molecular Biology

    Interesting Fact: I fractured my L. lateral malleolus in a motorcycle accident and had six screws and a metal plate inserted for 3 years. I had the hardware removed my first semester at WSU.

    Research Programs: I work in and have completed REUs in the WSU Laboratory for Atmospheric Research. I have also done water quality research with the Yakima Valley College in Collaboration with the University of Washington. I am also a McNair Scholar.

  • Sarah Schroeder

    Hometown: West Richland, WA

    Major: Bioengineering

    Minor: Mathematics

    Interesting Fact: I love traveling and spent my summer in Ireland and Chicago!

    Research Programs: Undergradute reserach projects at WSU focusing on (1) antibiotic resistant bacteria, and (2) growing articular cartilidge. Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) with a focus on using plant based tissue to model myodardial vasculature. Presentations at: WSU SURCA and attaining a Gray Award, Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) national conference, National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) national conference.

Schedule an appointment online todayBefore scheduling an appointment, be sure to take a look at our peer mentors who are available to help. Find one who most correlates with your research interests to schedule your appointment with.
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