Univ 199: Introduction to Directed Research

This course is open to all students in all majors, with no prerequisites. Check the WSU Schedule of Courses which lists by semester courses to be taught.

  • Learn about academic research with a faculty mentor
  • Gain skills needed in any research environment
  • Explore opportunities at WSU in all disciplines
  • Prepare to start a research opportunity
  • Improve your eligibility for an undergraduate research award

Course Details

This one-credit course is taught in the fall and spring:

  • Fall UNIV 199 (1 credit) meets once per week, and multiple sections (times) are available.
  • Spring UNIV 199 (1 credit) is taught as an intensive two-day workshop with peer mentors leading many of the sessions. The workshop meets during two Saturdays (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) early in the spring semester. Additional class time (lab tours) are scheduled as appropriate during the first half of the semester. Refer to the course schedule for specific dates.