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Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement Office of Undergraduate Research

Meet with a Peer Mentor

Our peer mentors, who are currently working on their own research projects, have made themselves available to answer your questions about the research process. They have the experience and training to answer questions such as:

  • “How do I get started with my research?”
  • “Will I get paid to work on research, or am I eligible for a special scholarship?”
  • “How do I find a faculty mentor who will oversee and guide my work and training?”

How to Meet with a Peer Mentor

We use the cloud-based online scheduling software Setmore to enable you to arrange your own meeting with a peer mentor. After selecting how long of a meeting you want and which mentor to meet with, you can view that mentor’s availability and choose a time slot that works best for you. You will need to sign in to confirm and book the final appointment, and you can either create a Setmore account or sign in with Facebook or Google.

Don’t Forget: Appointments are held in the CUE building, room 403.

NOTE: Mentors are not available during Summer BreakWSU breaks, WSU holidays, Dead Weeks or Finals Weeks. Be sure to double check the WSU academic calendar to confirm these dates. You will notice, however, that peer mentors’ availability on Setmore accounts for these breaks.

Schedule an appointment online todayBefore scheduling an appointment, be sure to take a look at our peer mentors who are available to help. Find one who most correlates with your research interests to schedule your appointment with.

To comply with social-distancing requirements associated with WSU’s response to COVID-19 international outbreak, appointments are being held via Zoom.

Get to Know Our Peer Mentors

  • Sophia Butowicz

    Hometown: Mercer Island, WA

    Major: Psychology

    Minor: Human Development

    Interesting Fact: I’m passionate about learning how to live a minimal waste life and spreading awareness about saving the environment!

    Research Programs: I’m currently in a psychology research lab working on a study that investigates social media behavior on Instagram and how it relates to difference aspects of personality. I would love to help fellow undergraduates with any psychology related research, or even just talking about how to get started in a lab.

  • Owen Canterbury

    Hometown: Ellensburg, WA

    Major: Biochemistry

    Interesting Fact: Before coming to university, I was an avid gardener and particularly loved creating and growing hybrid winter squash and pumpkins.

    Research Programs: Involved with work at WSU investigating (1) the impact of inducible cone-cell Cyclic Nucleotide Gated (CNG) ion channel gene disruption and ethanol exposure on visual ability. Amgen Scholars Program at Duke University looking into the spatial arrangement of all mouse olfactory sensory neuron glomeruli upon the surface of the olfactories. Research has been presented at WSU SURCA 2019, meriting a Crimson Award, at the Western Regional Honors Conference, and at the Duke University Summer Undergraduate Research Showcase.

  • Kristian Gubsch

    Hometown: Edgewood, WA

    Major: Chemical Engineering

    Minor: Entrepreneurship

    Interesting Fact: I love hiking, biking, and skiing in Pullman and the surrounding area.

    Research Programs: I have completed two Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) in the WSU Laboratory for Atmospheric Research and Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering. Most recently, I completed an internship with NOAA in Charleston, SC where I investigated the effects of ocean acidification on coral populations. I am also a 2018 Hollings Scholar and 2019 Goldwater Scholar, so if you are interested in applying to distinguished scholarships, I would be happy to help. My background is in remote sensing, carbon dioxide capture and conversion, metabolomics, and analytical chemistry (specifically NMR).

  • Rebecca Hsieh

    Hometown: Olympia, WA

    Major: Bioengineering

    Minors: Computer Science and Math

    Interesting Fact: I have been playing the violin for 9 years and counting!

    Research Programs: Before university, I was involved in a marine science research lab at The Evergreen State College studying how to link the phylogenetic and genomic diversity of ctenophores (comb jellies) to eco-physiological adaptations in the deep sea under Dr. Erik V. Thuesen. Currently at WSU, I am a lab assistant within the Institute of Biological Chemistry investigating the physiological function of Arabidopsis enzymes and proteins presumed to be involved in various networks of metabolism through the examination of Red Alder tree species.

Schedule an appointment online todayBefore scheduling an appointment, be sure to take a look at our peer mentors who are available to help. Find one who most correlates with your research interests to schedule your appointment with.