Opportunities for First-year Students

Undergraduate Research is for everyone—including you!

As a first-year student at Washington State University, there are many opportunities for you to engage in undergraduate research right from the start of your college experience. Picture yourself working side-by-side with renowned faculty and graduate students. You could impact the future of medicine, our ecosystem, products markets, and more in our region, the nation, and even the world!

Data from the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) tell us that over one-fifth of WSU seniors report having done research with faculty while at WSU. You could be one of those. And get awards to support your efforts while also building your resume, developing professional networks, and strengthening your academic knowledge and experience.

21 % of WSU seniors who have done research NSSE

A Future of Impact

Envision how your research at WSU will impact the future. You can engage in research in progressive fields and topics such as the following:

Financial Support

Rather than working a part-time job, participate in undergraduate research that can also provide financial support. Some research programs will also help to amplify your qualifications for future educational opportunities. There are programs for first-year students, those who plan to go to graduate school in certain STEM disciplines, for members of underrepresented groups studying STEM topics.

Look into these programs, for a start – which one is right for you?

More Ideas

If you’re a first-year student and want to learn more about the WSU world of research, or if one of those programs isn’t right for you, check out additional resources such as:

  • Univ 199 (Introduction to Directed Research, a 1-credit course)
  • Peer mentors in the Office of Undergraduate Research