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Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement Office of Undergraduate Research

Apply to Be a Peer Mentor

As a peer mentor fellow, you will:

  • Observe and learn mentoring and leadership strategies from faculty mentors and administrators leading the Office of Undergraduate Research.
  • Prepare to apply mentoring skills leading a group of Research Scholars participating in a two day Research Skills Short Course in January/February.
  • Learn how to guide and direct novice undergraduate researchers in preparing for and continuing work in established research labs.
  • Collaborate with other fellows on motivating new researchers and best practices for ongoing peer mentoring.
  • Assist undergraduate Research Scholars with preparing and displaying their work in poster format at the Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (SURCA).
  • Have opportunities to present and discuss your own research to a wide array of audiences, such as classes, advisory boards, or even the WSU board of regents.
  • Be eligible for a scholarship to support your academic endeavors.

Application Form

Submit an application to become a peer mentor in the WSU Office of Undergraduate Research. The due date for submitting this application is July 3, 2020.

Note: Required fields are marked by a red asterisk symbol (*) and faint red highlighting. Please contact our web coordinator if you encounter any problems with this application form so we can provide you with further assistance.

1 Eligibility
2 About You
3 Academics & Research Experience
4 Personal Statements & CV
  • Eligibility

  • Peer Mentoring Responsibilities

    Peer mentors are expected to be available for as many of the following events and activities as possible:

    • Peer Mentoring Training: This training will take up approximately 4-6 hours in fall semester. Dates/times to be decided, as it will be arranged around everyone’s class schedule.
    • Course/club presentations: Making short presentations (10 min.) to UNIV 199 and UNIV 104 courses in the fall semester and/or for the Undergraduate Research Club.
    • Research Skills Short course: Guide and instruct a group of students enrolled in this 1 credit course (UNIV 199). The course will be scheduled on two consecutive Saturdays early in spring semester.
    • Monthly mentoring appointments: Spend 2-4 hours per month guiding and mentoring those who aspire to become engaged in undergraduate research. These appointments will occur over fall and spring semesters in the Smith CUE building.
    • Event tabling: Help with tabling events and/or showcasing undergraduate research as needed.
  • Please select which of the following criteria you meet that will fulfill your eligibility for serving as a peer mentor.
    1. Eligibility
    2. About You
    3. Academics & Research Experiences at WSU
    4. Personal Statements & Curriculum Vitae