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WSU Undergraduate Education Office of Undergraduate Research

Research Skills Short Course (RSSC)

This course is specifically designed for transfer students and high-achieving, rising freshmen and sophomores already at WSU who are interested in getting started in research. Experienced undergraduate researchers will lead the activities associated with this program, acting as mentors and leaders.

New: Earn Course Credit for Taking the RSSC

Students who are accepted into the RSSC for Spring 2017 will be able to register for a 1 credit course, Univ 199. Further details will be sent to students whose application is accepted.

Signing Up for the Next RSSC

Eligibility for RSSC

RSSC is specially designed for students who have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • High-achieving underclasssmen already at WSU
  • Transferring to WSU from community colleges and other universities
  • In the first generation of their family to attend college
  • Interested in being a valuable and contributing member of a research team
  • Ready to take ownership of their education and career

Information About the Course

What You will Learn in the RSSC

The RSSC is designed to give you the knowledge you will need to begin a successful undergraduate research career at WSU. Among the topics your peer mentors will address are:

  • How to go about connecting with professors whom you can work with on projects that are valuable
  • Improving your communication skills, both written and oral
  • Understanding the literature produced by researchers
  • Developing your record-keeping skills, such as techniques for maintaining an effective laboratory notebook
  • Sharing your research and results with others, such as through poster sessions

Unique Opportunities

WSU students selected for RSSC participation will be on the fast-track to:

  • Securing mentored research positions with WSU faculty who are world-class researchers in their fields
  • Receiving one-to-one mentoring and guidance from Undergraduate Research peer mentors at the RSSC session and throughout the spring semester and beyond
  • Learning at least five research-oriented skills during the short course
  • Becoming a WSU student who adds value to their education by engaging in high-impact and hands-on learning that goes beyond the traditional classroom setting