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WSU Undergraduate Education Office of Undergraduate Research

Support the Office of Undergraduate Research

Ready to Invest?

Here is a comprehensive list of our funds with the WSU Foundation. Don’t see the one you would like to invest in, or are thinking about establishing a new fund? Contact us for assistance.

Funds Associated with Undergraduate Research

  • Undergraduate Research Development Fund
    Provides discretionary support for the Undergraduate Research program.
  • Grady and Lillie Auvil Scholarship and Research Fund
    Provides scholarship support for undergraduate researchers working with faculty mentors to create, design, and discover.
  • James A. Weir Undergraduate Research Fellowship Fund
    Provides annual financial support to student/s recognized as “James A. Weir Undergraduate Research Fellows.” Students from across campus, regardless of discipline, may annually apply for this award through the Office of Undergraduate Research, and will be eligible for up to three years of funding to provide fellowship support while they work with a faculty member on a collaborative research project. Fellows will be selected from a campus wide committee of faculty with proven track records of providing opportunities for undergraduates who wish to engage in scholarship activity.