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Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement Office of Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research Club

Join the Undergraduate Research Club

Undergraduates play key roles in the research, scholarship, and creative activity (collectively called “research”) at our top-tier research university, The WSU Undergraduate Research Club is a natural way to get the most from such opportunities at WSU.

Make friends!

Students from all majors, in all years of college, are welcome in the Undergraduate Research Club—because students from all majors and years in college are doing research, scholarship, and creative activities at WSU!

Did you know…that 25% of WSU seniors have conducted research with a faculty member?

As early as your freshman year, the club can help you define and find the kind of research you’d like to do with a mentor.

Experience adventure!

It’s a fact…WSU has long been a leading U.S. research university. Today it’s working to become one of the top 25 by Year 2030, thanks to Pres. Kirk Schulz and the Drive to 25 initiative. Plus the strategic plan calls for involving more undergraduates in all types of research on campus.

As an Undergraduate Research Club participant, you will stand out as an interested prospective member of a research team:

  • Club activities will provide first-hand exposure to many types facilities and projects, so you can see where you would best fit.
  • Club connections will help you meet a wide variety of professionals and build your network.

The Club…

  • Meets officially once each month, on the final Tuesday (plus a few fundraisers each semester).
  • Schedules frequent visits to labs and programs of interest to members.
  • Invites professors to guest lecture about their research.
  • Welcomes representatives (from departments such as career services and the Graduate School) to give insights into things you can do today, to get benefits tomorrow.
  • Plans on- and off-campus adventures just for fun.
  • Asks for a membership fee of $5 per semester.

Officers for 2019-20

Audrey Denny, president of the Undergraduate Research Club for the 2019 through 2020 academic year.President: Audrey Denny
Major: Biology Pre-Medicine

Nicole Henriksen, vice president of the Undergraduate Research Club for the 2019 through 2020 academic year.Vice President: Nicole Henriksen
Major: Psychology
Minor: Spanish

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